Glasswing Ventures Grows its Advisory Council with Distinguished Business Executives

By Rudina Seseri, Managing Partner, Glasswing Ventures

It’s not often that one can assemble what amounts to centuries of experience and knowledge about tech, business and startups, but that’s what Glasswing has done.

Last November, we announced the launch of our advisory councils composed of 40 world-renowned visionaries who have extensive experience across academia, startups and Fortune 500 companies. It is our belief that this combined expertise provides a singular resource in the startup world and differentiates the Glasswing platform.

Organized according to domain expertise and interest, our foray into launching this advisory council was the Connect Council, which is comprised of two working groups -- the AI & Academic Group, and the Business Leadership Group. Today we’re thrilled to announce the distinguished advisors in our Business Leadership Group. As a glance at some of the names below will indicate, this is a powerful group that actively supports the firm’s investments in cutting-edge companies:

These visionaries have extensive experience across startups and Fortune 500 companies. They are the catalysts in extending our reach, supporting our portfolio companies and advising us, while collectively helping the Glasswing platform become a cornerstone of the ecosystem.

Of course, having such a large group of luminaries has other benefits. We expect that the Business Leadership Advisors will expand our reach and extend our value proposition. And because this is a symbiotic relationship, they will enjoy Glasswing’s access to new ideas and talent. As we unveil the members of this group to the broader ecosystem, we look forward in great anticipation to sharing their views, and unique knowledge in supporting our mission to bring AI to its full and positive potential in the broader ecosystem and society at large.

Learn more about our Catalysts of Ingenuity here: Glasswing Ventures Connect Council